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HMS Salt Mist Medium Efficiency Air Filter is mainly used in coastal areas and salt spray more areas, the protection of overseas work equipment, but also a kind of protection motor or ventilator and other equipment filtration device, filter detailed specifications technical parameters see the product description of each filter.

常用规格 Common Specifications



Note: 1. In case of specifications or structures changes, HEFIL will provide up-to-date data on website:

Note: 2. HEFIL makes various of other models’ BAFH filter not listed in above table. Please consult with us if you need.





Filter efficiency grade F5~F8 is available

The filter media is made of corrosion-resistant material with large dust capacity

316L stainless steel outer frame Each HMS filter complies with GB/T14295 and EN779 standards and has passed UL international certification.

应用 Application



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