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HPS Salt Mist Pre-filter is mainly used in coastal areas and salt spray more areas, the protection of overseas work equipment, but also a kind of protection motor or ventilator and other equipment filtration device, filter detailed specifications technical parameters see the product description of each filter.

常用规格 Common Specifications



Note: 1. In case of specifications or structures changes, HEFIL will provide up-to-date data on website: www.hefilter.com.

Note: 2. HEFIL makes various of other models’ BAFH filter not listed in above table. Please consult with us if you need.




◆每个HPS过滤器都符合 ISO16890 标准。

Filtration efficiency grade G3~M5 is available, and the filtration efficiency of ≥5.0μm particles is 40%~60%.

Corrosion-resistant material is used as filter material, and the folding practice has large dust capacity.

304, 316, 316L stainless steel outer frame

Each HPS filter conforms to ISO16890 standard.

应用 Application